Waterproof Bag

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This Waterproof Bag will protect all your important things.

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Ok you are out in the woods. You are crossing a stream and oops you slip and fall in. There goes your phone and all your gear. With these great waterproof bags you will never have that worry again. These waterproof bags are great to carry all your survival gear. These great bags will keep all your important items clean and dry. They come in 4 vibrant colors.

Dry Bag can be used to store and keep your gear dry in any type of wet environment. It is made from heavy duty, durable PVC tarpaulin material and produced with Electronic Seam Welding system, which electronically welds the material at molecular level into a seam that is extremely strong and waterproof. A pair of stiffening strips in the Roll Down Lock system increases the effectiveness of the waterproof seal by squeezing out the trapped air when folding and sealing the bag.

Please note: this product isn’t suitable for prolonged submersion.

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1 review for Waterproof Bag

  1. Danny

    Great! I use it to carry everything, especially in my vehicle. Rugged and strong! Got it quickly too.

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